Nov 10, 2012

“Where’s the beach?”

How not to surprise your daughter with a trip to Disney

I was a little disappointed that Stella wasn’t super excited when we surprised her with a trip to Disney World earlier this week. For the past few weeks leading up the the trip we told her she was going to the beach to see grandma and grandpa. So, what happened when we pulled up the the big Disney World sign that overlooks the highway? “So we’re not going to the beach?” Yep, that’s right. She was almost disappointed that she wasn’t going to the beach. So maybe that wasn’t the best idea. In the end I think she was surprised but I was hoping it’d be a little more dramatic. You know, a huge freak out. I taped it and hope to make a short video.

Tonight’s shot: The Tower of Terror

So, when did MGM Studios turn into Hollywood Studios? I wasn’t expecting that on our visit to the park earlier this week. I’ve always known it as MGM. Doesn’t matter I guess. All the rides and memories are still there. Including this one, the Tower of Terror. Stella obviously couldn’t ride it so Steph and I took my mom who secretly had a blast. We used the Fast Past feature for this one. This was my first trip to Disney since they introduced the Fast Past system and it was the MVP of the week.

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