Jul 23, 2012

Shooting Rockford’s oldest resident

One good thing … she posed well

I’ve been working on switching positions at work. Basically, I’m moving out of our service department and into an outside technician position. Which means I’ll be out all day fixing client machines, printers and servers. Late last week I was called out to work on a few machines at the Burpee Museum of Natural History. Ran into some issues and needed some disks from the office so I made a call and had them delivered. I had about 30 minutes to waste so I went off the clock and grabbed my camera and wandered. Here’s one I came up with. It’s of Jane, a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex that the museum found  in the Badlands of southeastern Montana. Jane is best known for being the most complete juvenile T. rex ever found.


  • Awesome

  • Eric, I was one of the designers for that exhibit. It was my first job out of college at a design firm in Milwaukee. I was put on the job to help out the museum designer but she had to take some time off of work so then it was up to me to finish the project. I was excited to work on a project for my home town and for something that was this significant. I also designed the fossil exhibit on the upper level that overlooks the Jane exhibit.

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