Aug 15, 2012

For those about to rock …

I was rocking out to some Deals Gone Bad on iTunes tonight while editing a wedding session we shot a few weeks back and I had the urge to go through some of the Cleveland shots I made during our trip there in June. I created this poster out of one of the shots. I think it’s pretty cool, what do you think?

I was really excited to go this year as two of my favorite bands were inducted recently … the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beastie Boys.

Jul 23, 2012

Shooting Rockford’s oldest resident

One good thing … she posed well

I’ve been working on switching positions at work. Basically, I’m moving out of our service department and into an outside technician position. Which means I’ll be out all day fixing client machines, printers and servers. Late last week I was called out to work on a few machines at the Burpee Museum of Natural History. Ran into some issues and needed some disks from the office so I made a call and had them delivered. I had about 30 minutes to waste so I went off the clock and grabbed my camera and wandered. Here’s one I came up with. It’s of Jane, a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex that the museum found  in the Badlands of southeastern Montana. Jane is best known for being the most complete juvenile T. rex ever found.

Jul 5, 2012

Another item checked off the bucket list

Rockford’s fireworks look amazing from 8 stories up

I got a pretty good hook up last night, shooting fireworks from the top of the Register Star’s news tower in downtown Rockford. I’ve always wanted to go up and shoot the fireworks there and this year I made it happen. I do have to thank Doug Gass and Scott Morgan for taking the time to get me access. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to cross this off my bucket list.

Jun 25, 2012

Introducing Lee Squared

I’m very pleased and proud to announce that my good friend Danielle Ballard and I have gone into business together and started Lee Squared Photography. We specialize in weddings, engagements, senior portraits, family pictures and anything else that fits the bill.

My wife and Danielle’s husband went to Lutheran H.S. together and have remained good friends and we first met Danielle at our wedding. I first noticed Danielle’s talents a few years ago when I saw some photos she made while attending a wedding for a mutual friend. We’ve discussed this venture a few times since then and we’re very excited that all the pieces finally fell into place and we were able to get started. We chose the name Lee Squared because both of our middle names are “Lee.”

You can view our Web site here. Make sure you bookmark it as we will update our blog with all the shoots we are working on. You can also visit us on our Facebook page, friend us and you’ll get all the updates from our sessions. Below are some shots I made from a recent wedding we shot in Chicago. Enjoy, and I hope you’ll all join us and keep up with us on this journey.

Jun 15, 2012

My three favorite girls

So here’s a fun little shot. I rented an 8mm fisheye lens and a ring flash from for the weekend. A lot of fun can be had, especially when I combine the two. Below is the result of what is known as a Jarvie Window. I cannot take credit for using the combination, it’s all Scott Jarvie’s. Scott is a great wedding photographer from out west and he was kind enough to share it on his blog. I just had to try it. Pictured below are my daughter Stella, our cat Mittens and my wife Stephanie.


Jun 13, 2012

Lots of shooting this past weekend

Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Worked all three days. Shot a Rockford Symphony Orchestra event on Friday, had a wedding on Saturday and a senior portrait session on Sunday. I’m just getting started on going through all the files, but I’m really happy with how everything went. I picked up a 580 EXII a while back and was able to put it through some tough situations. It performed beautifully. I also picked up a bounce umbrella and tried that out. I used it on the shot below.

Here’s a senior portrait from Sunday’s session at Rock Cut State Park. I really love going to rock cut to do portraits. There are hundreds of great spots and I always find somewhere new when I go out there. It’s pretty common for me to head there during lunch and explore to find new places.

Jun 8, 2012

Sometimes things just work out

I got a call from my buddy Matt late this afternoon asking if I’d come shoot an event for the Rockford Symphony Orchestra. After clearing it with the wife I accepted. And, lucky me, it just happened to be at Anderson Gardens. I’m shooting a wedding there on Saturday afternoon so I got to spend a little time researching photo spots.

I haven’t been to Anderson Gardens in years even though I live less than a mile away and pass it twice a day on my way to and from work. I think my big beef is because they have very strict photography rules. You know, like no tripods. That’s a big one for me because unless I’m shooting people I’m always on a tripod. Tonight I didn’t care. I carried it in and was able to use it freely throughout the event with no problems.

Here’s a shot in the main hall in the gardens. This is where people were gathering to have a drink and grab some food. I’m hoping that tomorrow before or after the wedding the sun shine perfectly through the opening in the roof so I can try a shot with the couple under a beam of light. Wish me luck.

Jun 5, 2012

Heroes to the rescue

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Remembrance Rescue Project asking to share any photos I take of Rescue 5 during the Rockford Airfest. Here’s one I took at sunrise on Saturday. I wasn’t too happy with the sky that morning, but the bright colors of the truck made up for it. It was a very crazy feeling being alone with this piece of history from 911. Remembering where I was that morning and knowing that the crew of this truck died that day. For more info, visit the Remembrance Rescue Project site.

Jun 1, 2012

Planes, lots and lots of planes

The next 48 hours should be lots of fun. I’ll be filling my digital cards full of photos from the 2012 Rockford Airfest. I applied for photo credentials this year and got accepted. Which means I’ll have all the access I need. We will start bright and early Saturday at 5 a.m. Hopefully the sun and clouds will cooperate. The shot below was just one I was having fun with. The moon wasn’t that big. I added it from another shot of the moon taken with a 600mm lens and added it in over the smaller moon in the actual shot. So, that was where the moon was positioned in the shot.

May 31, 2012

Bad boys, what cha gonna do?

How take the law into your own hands … sort of

So, funny story. I run into a guy almost every morning on 251 in Loves Park. He easily goes twice as fast as the speed limit most days. He even goes as far to pass on the shoulder and in the turn lanes when he gets caught behind cars obeying the speed limit. Really pisses me off. This is usually a daily habit. A friend and reader of my blog works for the Loves Park Police Department and I told him about what was going on. He was working nights when I first told him about this guy. But Tuesday was his first day back on the day shift and guess what. He nailed him! So, this post goes out to my officer buddy. I hope the guy learned his lesson, but he probably didn’t. But that’s okay because my friend said “I’ll wait for him again, down the road a bit.”

Today’s photo: Cleveland Rocks!

Here’s another photo of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This one’s from the second night we were there. I had to go back and wait for the sun to go down because we missed it the night before because of a nasty storm forced us to go back to the hotel early.


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