Aug 1, 2011

Hot August night

Music to chill to
What’s your favorite music to listen to while you’re working on photos, or whatever it is you do while on your computer? Usually I listen to iTunes, but I have my record player next to me and I listened to some records that I hadn’t listen to in a while tonight. Some ska covers by Amy Winehouse and Lilly Allen. I picked up the new  Deal’s Gone Bad 45 a few weekends ago at a show and gave it a listen. I think their new album is going to be awesome.

Today’s shot: Hot August night
It is so hot out lately. I went out at dust to take this photo. I will gut the space underneath the big bay window and do some landscaping … someday. I’d like to put a planter box in that space instead of the brick row and the mulch. Steph likes the little statue of the frog lovers on the bench, so we have to put it out every summer.

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