Who I follow

I love checking out what other photographers are doing. Let it be through their blog or social media sites, it’s a great way to get inspired. Here are some photographers that I follow and am inspired by. Click the link below to check out their work and blog. If you enjoy my stuff, you’ll enjoy their work.

Trey Ratcliff - Helped bring HDR photography to the masses and social media genious

Vincent Laforet – Former journalist turned video

Rafael Conception - Excellent teacher and great photographer

Scott Morgan - Local photojournalist at the Rockford Register Star

Rick Sammon - Some call him “The Godfather of Photography”

Catherine Hall - Host of a weekly photo podcast on the TWIT network and excellent wedding photographer



My blog

Hello, my name is Eric Pearson. Welcome to my daily photo blog. My goal is to post an interesting shot every day and I hope to bring people in daily and gain fans and followers.

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