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Nov 14, 2012

A nice added surprise for the adults

Epcot’s Food and Wine fest was a trip highlight

Lucky us, the Inernational Food and Wine Festival was going on while we were in Disney last week. It’s held every year at Epcot’s World Showcase and features food, wine and beer from all over the world. I will probably plan our next Disney trip around this festival. It was seriously awesome. There was tastings from the normal countries in the World Showcase, but also 30 or so other countries were added. Places like Greece, South Korea, Belgium and Australia. Each with a unique beer and wine selection and out of this world food. Steph and I ate there one night and we put a good chunk of change on a gift card (because we didn’t want to use our charge card at each station) and we quickly blew it all drinking and eating around the world. Way better than eating at one restaurant.

Some of my favorite tastes were: The beer garden in German and Belgium. They didn’t have your regular beers either, it was all stuff I’d never had before. Yum! Mexico had some insane steak tacos that made my mouth explode with fire, but luckily Germany wasn’t too far away. China had a great Mongolian Beef that I had more than one of. Steph really liked the French dessert stand and I thought the baklava in Morocco was crazy good.

Tonight’s shot: Cinderella’s Castle

I think I might frame this one and put it in Stella’s room. She really liked the castle. We had to take a boat from our resort to the Magic Kingdom and she would point it out from across the lake. “I see the castle, there it is!” And, I think Steph liked it too. She’d never been to the Magic Kingdom before and I don’t care who you are, it’s pretty awesome the first time you see it.

Sep 16, 2012

My world is spinnning

So, I haven’t been posting at all lately. And, I apologize. I really do.

My business partner Danielle and I have been very busy this summer shooing weddings, engagements and all sorts of other things for our new company, Lee Squared. We honestly didn’t expect for it to blow up this big, but we’re not complaining. I’ve also taken up a new position at work and have been busy with that.

Last night we were with a bride and groom in downtown Chicago and we went to Navy Pier. After we finished up with the couple, I spent a few minutes trying to capture the rides at Navy Pier. I’ve always wanted to get a shot like this at a fair or carnival.

Aug 15, 2012

For those about to rock …

I was rocking out to some Deals Gone Bad on iTunes tonight while editing a wedding session we shot a few weeks back and I had the urge to go through some of the Cleveland shots I made during our trip there in June. I created this poster out of one of the shots. I think it’s pretty cool, what do you think?

I was really excited to go this year as two of my favorite bands were inducted recently … the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beastie Boys.

Jun 5, 2012

Heroes to the rescue

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Remembrance Rescue Project asking to share any photos I take of Rescue 5 during the Rockford Airfest. Here’s one I took at sunrise on Saturday. I wasn’t too happy with the sky that morning, but the bright colors of the truck made up for it. It was a very crazy feeling being alone with this piece of history from 911. Remembering where I was that morning and knowing that the crew of this truck died that day. For more info, visit the Remembrance Rescue Project site.

May 31, 2012

Bad boys, what cha gonna do?

How take the law into your own hands … sort of

So, funny story. I run into a guy almost every morning on 251 in Loves Park. He easily goes twice as fast as the speed limit most days. He even goes as far to pass on the shoulder and in the turn lanes when he gets caught behind cars obeying the speed limit. Really pisses me off. This is usually a daily habit. A friend and reader of my blog works for the Loves Park Police Department and I told him about what was going on. He was working nights when I first told him about this guy. But Tuesday was his first day back on the day shift and guess what. He nailed him! So, this post goes out to my officer buddy. I hope the guy learned his lesson, but he probably didn’t. But that’s okay because my friend said “I’ll wait for him again, down the road a bit.”

Today’s photo: Cleveland Rocks!

Here’s another photo of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This one’s from the second night we were there. I had to go back and wait for the sun to go down because we missed it the night before because of a nasty storm forced us to go back to the hotel early.

May 17, 2012

Airfest almost here

The 2012 Rockford Airfest is just a few weeks away and I can’t wait. I have some new ideas for this year and I’m hoping to get in before the crowds again to capture some great images. Here’s one I processed recently after going through last year’s set. I forgot about this shot, with the sun streaming through the cockpit of this bad-ass A10 Warthog.

I’m very excited that the Airfest crew used one of my images to promote this year’s show. The image is plastered all over the place in their ads, posters and Web site and I’m told it will be used on the tickets and buttons. To see the photos I made last year, click here.

May 15, 2012

After the rain

Stella wanted to go out and take some pictures again tonight. It just finished raining, but I set up my softbox and flash to mess around with some lighting setups. I think they turned out great. Below is one of my favorites. Just a candid pose of Stella by a tree in our backyard. She had a very vibrant dress on today, to match mommy of course.

Congrats to Matt Williams for winning a free print!

The winner of one of my 2011 Airfest prints is Matt, who said it “would look good on his son’s wall.” Congrats, Matt. I’ll email you and let you pick which photo you’d like and I’ll get it off to you ASAP. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. I set a record for visitors that day with almost 500 and I had over 3,000 page views.

May 7, 2012

Giving away another print

I posted a few of my 2011 Rockford Airfest photos to r/pics and r/aircraftporn over on recently and traffic to my site went through the roof. It was an amazing few days for me as I checked the numbers and saw 10s of thousands of hits. So I’m feeling good about it all, and because I’d like to say “thank you” I’m going to give away one of my framed Airfest prints. I have two posters left to choose from, a U.S. Navy F-15 Eagle and a U.S. Navy F5 Tiger. Each print is 16×20 and in a silver aluminum-type frame. Each one is signed and only 25 printed of each.

To win one all you have to do is leave a comment here on this blog post! I’ll randomly select someone from the list at the end of the week and contact you to pick your choice.

May 6, 2012

The new conservatory is NOT photo friendly

Steph, Stella and I finally made it down to the Nicolas Conservatory this weekend. The Park District really did a great job on this project. It’s a beautiful place. I was disappointed that tripods aren’t allowed and that we had to play 50 questions at the front counter. “Are you a professional photographer?” “Are you going to sell the photos you take here?” “Please fill this form out stating you brought a camera into the conservatory.” I’m surprised they didn’t want to see my camera card when we left. It really put a bad taste in my mouth.

On a side note, Stella struck up the attention of a sweet older lady. I took one look at this person and knew her immediately. It was Mrs. Skerkowske, my 3rd grade teacher, and favorite of all time. She was great. And she remembered me and some pretty specific details of our year together even after 25 years.

Apr 26, 2012

Sweet little roadster

Here’s a shot I took at a local car show my father-in-law and I went to this past weekend. This little MG was my favorite car there. Sure, there were some cool Ferraris and some cool muscle cars, but for some reason this little guy just spoke to me. All the little brass details under the hood is great.


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