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Sep 23, 2011

How high is too high?

No, that’s not a drug reference
One of my flaws is definitely that I set my goals very high. Then, when I don’t meet them, I’m usually disappointed. Even if I come close. I’ve set a few goals for the next year that I’m really hoping I can meet or exceed. I’m keeping them to myself for now. But maybe revealing them will force me to work harder to meet them?

Today’s shot: Aim high
I always have my camera with me, you never know when you’ll see something awesome. This morning was one of those times. I had just picked up a cup of coffee and was heading up 251 toward Machesney Park. It was about 6:30 am and the sun was just peaking up from the horizon. As I approached my turn for work I looked to my right and noticed an awesome sunrise and a field covered in a velvety layer of fog. There are a few sets of old goal posts in the field and they made for a perfect subject in the foreground. Perfect for today’s post about goals.

Aug 14, 2011

Pretty in pink

No luck in Peoria
My wife’s company picnic was in Peoria, Illinois over the weekend. I brought all my gear along with me with hopes of getting some great shots. The dinner ran late on Saturday night so we didn’t get a chance to go downtown and on the way down there were no opportunities as we hit storm after storm. Sunday was a wash on the way back home, I was tired and unmotivated.

Today’s shot: Pretty in pink
Here’s a shot of a flamingo I took while on a recent trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo. This flamingo was cleaning itself when it made a figure eight with it’s neck. I did some post processing in Lightroom and PhotoShop, but most of the effect was done in camera with a really fast shutter speed.

Aug 11, 2011

A portrait of myself

This …. is Nightline
Not sure about you, but I’m obsessed with the show “Nightline.” Ten years ago, I’d have ignored it like fresh veggies. Today, I look forward to 10:34 p.m., when the news of the world is packed into a 30 minute segment. They always have such great stories. My wife and I recently got hooked on “Sunday Morning” too. Another great show that’s full of interesting tidbits.

Today’s shot: Sunset self portrait
I took some photos of my friend Robyn’s daughters tonight at a forest preserve on the outskirts of Rockford, Illinois. On the way home I couldn’t help but notice it was “magic hour,” so I stopped at Colonial Village Mall and took a self portrait from the top of the parking deck.

Aug 10, 2011

Listen and learn

TWIT photo with Catherine Hall
Every week I religiously watch or listen to a few different podcasts on photography. One of my new favorites is Catherine Hall’s podcast on the TWIT network. Catherine is a very talented wedding photographer based in California. Every week she interviews a well known photographer and allows the audience to interact by asking questions and submit photos. She’s had some awesome photographers on the show so check it out. It airs live at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and is usually available on iTunes by Wednesday. 

Today’s shot: Four generations
Here’s a rare shot of four generations. Sitting at the table playing are my mother-in-law Sharon and her mom, Norma. Watching are my wife Stephanie and our daughter Stella. Norma is visiting from Louisville, Kentucky for the week and we stopped over to see her.

Aug 9, 2011

Shhhhhh … be very quiet

Art shows and print sales
My mom wants me to join my dad in a few art shows this fall. I’m debating it. It’s a huge step to take, selling your work. And honestly, my confidence is not as high as it should be. I mean, sure, my mom and family like my photos, but what are they going to say? “Those suck.” I’m not sure I’m ready to offer my stuff up for sale at a huge art show just yet. I’ve seen many photographer’s shots at art shows I’ve attended and they are mind blowing. They there’s the whole discussion of what to charge and what to bring. Ahhhhhh!

Today’s shot: A gentle giant sleeps
This guy looked so peaceful resting there on his rocky bed. There were hundreds of people watching him sleep. So many that I had to wait to get a good angle, and even then it probably wasn’t the best angle. I rested my body on a nearby wall and ledge and waited for him to wake up. Wasn’t happening. So I snapped this shot. I think it works and is probably my favorite shot I got on our trip to the zoo.


Aug 8, 2011

Inside the primate house

Low light and slow lenses
Our recent trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo reminded me of how slow my current glass selection is. I had to bump the ISO up past 1000 on almost every shot, a great test for the 5D mk ii. That being said, my fastest lens is a 1.8 50mm and all my long stuff is all f4, which is great outdoors with great light but not so good indoors where there’s minimal light … like the various indoor exhibits at a zoo. Someday, maybe, I’ll be able to upgrade to the 2.8 stuff.

Today’s shot: The primate house
This was my favorite part of our recent trip the the Milwaukee County Zoo. I let Steph take Stella back to the car and I made another trip through here to try and catch some stuff I missed earlier in the day due to the massive crowds. Ideally, I’d have like for there to be no one in the shot, but sometimes the blurry people walking through the shot make for an interesting effect. I think this was a 25 second shot at f10.

Aug 7, 2011

I’ve got an itch

First time for everything
We took our daughter Stella on her first trip to the zoo today. We had a great time. We met some friends who live in New Berlin, Wisconsin for lunch and then we all headed to the Milwaukee County Zoo. Despite the hot, sticky weather, a good time was had by all.

Trunk scratchin’
This elephant was playing games with me. I would line up a shot, he’d turn away. I’d walk 100 feet to the other side of the display, he’d turn away and go back to where he was before. Jerk elephant. He finally quit messing with me long enough to scratch his trunk on this huge tree. I was hoping the elephants would kick up some dust, but they weren’t cooperating at all.


Aug 6, 2011

The need for speed

Growing a pair
What are your tactics for getting shots of people that you don’t know? Even after dabbling in photojournalism for a while, I still find it hard to get the courage to take photos sometimes. On a recent trip to Glacier National Park I ran into a guy changing a tire on Ford from the early 1900s. It was a cool shot, but I think back now about how much better the photo would be if I approached him and got his story first. Lately, I’ve been working on not being afraid to confront people and explain what I’m up to. Years ago, I didn’t find that a problem, but maybe I lost my way. 

Today’s shot: The need for speed
A good friend of mine was on the board for this year’s Rockford AirFest and he got me in bright and early on the first day to get this shot. The sun had just crested the horizon, causing the sky to become bright orange. I am so thankful that Matt was able to get me in so early so I could get some pics without anyone there. Click the photo to view some other shots I got at this year’s AirFest.

Aug 5, 2011

Rusty gold

American Pickers, one of my favorite shows
I love this show. I can’t get enough of it. The guys have come to Rockford in the show a few times and I actually got to meet them and have them sign a poster a few weeks back. If you haven’t seen the show, give it a shot.

Today’s shot: Rusty gold
I took this shot outside the American Pickers shop in LeClaire, Iowa this spring. My wife and I spent our anniversary there and we had a lot of fun. We didn’t buy anything, but they were low on inventory. Maybe I’ll go back someday and pick something up.

Aug 4, 2011

The wait is over

Patience, patience, patience
For today’s shot, I had planned that for months. Several months. Every time I drove by that scene I would slow down to see the light and sky. It never worked out … until tonight. So, what’s the longest you’ve had to wait to take a photo? When I was in Montana last month, I had a few moments when we waited 20-30 minutes for the perfect light to come across.

Today’s shot: The wait is over
Like I said, I’ve been waiting for months to get this shot. It’s on the way to my parents house in Leaf River, Illinois. We usually pass this spot in the morning or afternoon, but tonight the sky was in great shape and I had to pull over and snap a few shots. My wife waited calmly in the car until I was finished. I do have a few more that I’ll share later, this was my favorite.

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