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Oct 10, 2011

Another opportunistic weekend ahead

Another engagement session on tap
I’m really looking forward to Sunday. My friends Dave and Angela have selected me to shoot their engagement photos. We have a few great ideas planned. Not to give anything away, but one includes a greased up Dave, a well dress Angela and a dirty VW. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I’m really excited to get some great shots. Meet Dave and Angela by clicking on their names and checking out their Facebook pages.

Today’s shot: Two heads are better than Brodhead
Here’s another shot of my sister Lisa and her fiance Ben. We stopped in Brodhead, Wisconsin to get some shots at an old train station when we saw this cool setting with the “Brodhead” sign. They happen to live in Brodhead so I thought it would be a good photo opp.

Oct 9, 2011

“No one can resist my Schweddy Balls”

Ben & Jerry bring an SNL classic to your freezer
Most of you who know me well are aware of my addiction to “Saturday Night Live” and although the show has been kind of lame in the past few years I still watch religiously. A few years ago Alec Baldwin started a character on SNL named Pete Schweddy. He introduced his “Schweddy Balls” and his “Schweddy Weiner” in two classic skits that mocked an NPR radio show. A legend was born and now, years later, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has idolized Pete with its latest flavor … Schweddy Balls. It has a distinct rum flavor mixed with vanilla, it’s different but good. If you want to see the original skit on SNL, click the picture.

Oct 6, 2011

Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Yes!

How to not disappoint you father
Question … do should I stay up late tonight and preorder the new iPhone? Two reasons I’m leaning toward making the purchase are that I’m due for an upgrade and I promised my dad I’d give him my current iPhone if I got the new one. But I’m disappointed that Apple didn’t release the iPhone 5. My guess is they’ll now release phones in October and iPads in Feb-March.

On the new phone, the new camera’s specs are impressive and the new assistant app looks fantastic. A faster processor would be nice too. The other software stuff will be available on the iPhone 4 so no need to upgrade. So, the question really becomes … do I disappoint my dad or not?

Today’s shot: Erie, Eric
Any Garbage Pail Kids fan will get that reference. This shot was made last week after the Rockford photo walk bust. I was driving home and the light streaming into the Scandinavian cemetery on Guilford and Rural here in Rockford so I drove in to find something interesting. Scary, I find my last name on a huge grave stone about 200 yards into the drive. My grandfather and cousin are buried in this cemetery, but this is someone unrelated to me and my family. 

Oct 5, 2011

Goodbye to a modern day Thomas Edison

Steve Jobs, the man that made the letter “i” on the map, has died
The most important man in modern technology died today and a really crappy day turned to a sad one real quick. The iPad, iPod, iMac, iPhone … I’ve owned them all and loved every one. He changed the way I listen to music.

I have an iPhone. I have two iPods. I plan to buy another iPad soon and another iPod Nano. Oh, and iTunes … come on, this just gets worse. And Pixar, come on, kick me while I’m down. I’m done. Nothing I post here today is going to mean anything, so I’m just going just end it here.

Today’s shot: Stella in the grass
I’m not really in the mood to say anything clever here. With the endless sad blog posts, Facebook status updates and Google+ posts I’m reading tonight, I felt posting a picture of my gorgeous, cute, cuddly daughter Stella that I took tonight while we were starting the grill for dinner.

Oct 3, 2011

Hello, I’m a tech nerd

If you’re an Android fan boy, might want to leave
Hopefully by this time tomorrow I’ll have placed my order for the iPhone 5. I’m not a fan boy or anything, but I’m really happy with the iPhone since I switch from a few Android phones. Everything is just easier. My car has dock for it, the OS runs smooth and flawless, the apps run great and don’t crash and the best part … the battery life. I used to charge my Android phones at noon everyday because they’d be low on juice. My iPhone can go days without recharging. For example, I haven’t plugged her in since Saturday night and I’m at 46%. 

Some of the rumored features of the new phone? An 8 megapixel camera. A 4″ screen. Apple’s A5 processor, the same chip that’s in the iPad. The new iOS5. Some new voice recognition software. And a new thinner chassis. Oh, and one more thing … 4G. I can’t wait. I plan on watching the live blogs at noon tomorrow and hopefully I can order one through Verizon by 2 or 3 p.m.

Today’s shot: Phone or SLR?
With all the iPhone talk today, here’s a shot from my current phone. I made this a few months ago downtown during my cousin’s graduation party. Hard to imagine it’s with the iPhone and the instagram app. This camera is on 5 megapixels. I can’t wait to see what the new 8mp cam can do.


Oct 2, 2011

Thanks, everyone

First art show experience was a success
I’d like to thank everyone for stopping out to say hi to my dad and I this weekend. I enjoyed hanging out with everyone and you kept me sane through the 13+ hours of Ecuadorian flute music that was blaring all weekend. Overall, I did ok. Basically broke even, but I got my name out there. I booked another wedding and got some leads on some senior pictures and a few other possible jobs. I saw some old friends and the weather was awesome. So I can’t complain. 

Today’s shot: Heading west
As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I went to a photo walk in downtown Rockford on Saturday. It was lame. It had so much potential. I saw some coverage of some of the other photo walks around the world and they looked super fun. Rockford’s was held at the new Nichols Conservatory. We didn’t walk anywhere, which is the whole point. We stayed at the NC, but there’s still construction going on and I didn’t see anything interesting that wouldn’t contain a bunch of construction equipment or a fence. So I wandered off and headed west down the tracks and snapped this shot.

Oct 1, 2011

Artists showing off

One day down, one to go
I displayed some prints for the first time today. I was kinda nervous. I spent a lot of time and money preparing and didn’t want it to be for nothing. We had a lot of nice comments and tons of traffic through our booth at the Edgebrook Art Show. Then, out of nowhere a lady appears and snatches up one of the my 3-foot panoramas. It was a shot of Avalanche Creek in Glacier National Park and she had been there before and said it was her favorite trail. I quickly relaxed and the rest of the day went great. We’ll be there tomorrow (Sunday) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. I don’t have many prints left, but you can stop by and say “hey.”

After the art show I went downtown to join a photo walk. Today is World Photo Walk day and over 5,000 cities across the globe were partaking in the event. Unfortunately, like most things that could be awesome in Rockford … it was lamesville. I’ll try and post a pic from it this week.

Today’s shot: Lighting the torch
My mom participated in the art show as well. She sells doll cloths and her booth was located next to local artist Matt Milani. He uses a fire torch to craft insanely detailed glass beads that were drawing a lot of attention. Every time I went over there someone was watching in awe.

Sep 29, 2011

Are your photos protected?

How make sure your pics are safe from the depths of hell
I started using Carbonite online backup and now I’ve got three copies of all my photos. One on my hard drive system in my PC, one copy on Blu-Ray and another backed up to Carbonite. Basically, if a bomb went off in my house, I buy a new computer with the insurance money, log onto Carbonite and get all my stuff back. For $60 a year, how can you beat that. And, if you search the net for codes, you can get a few months free.

Today’s shot: The long ride up the Epcot ball
During my backup transfer I was organizing my photos and came across some photos I made on our honeymoon to Disney about 8 years ago. Has it really been that long?!? I got this one during the ride up the Epcot ball. There are many twirling lights on the roof and walls around you as you ride and they are constantly moving about. I think I was using a small 3.2 megapixel Canon point-and-push at the time. I can’t wait to take my daughter to Disney in the future and try it again with my current equipment.

Sep 28, 2011

My morning routine

How to start the day off in a good mood
My morning isn’t complete without a good cup of coffee (or two or three) and a visit to some of my favorite Web sites. Tech news, blogs and a catchall of my favorite URLs is just what the doctor ordered. Here’s a quick list of where I go everyday to get my fill. What are some of your must see sites every day??

Petapixel - This site is like the CNN for photography. It’s awesome. If it’s photography news, it’s here. Plus it’s full of tips and videos of neat stuff.

Engadget – Stop by Engadget for your tech news. They live stream all the major events, like next week’s Apple iPhone 5 event. They also have awesome contests and giveaways.

Stuckincustoms - Trey Ratcliff’s travel photography blog is must. He’s a great story teller and his HDR images inspire me. – Ed Ray got me hooked on this site. It’s a podcast site that live streams all their episodes. They also have a great photography show every Tuesday.

Popurls – Can’t really explain it … just visit and thank me.

Today’s shot: Poster child
Here’s an image of the limited edition poster I’ll be selling this weekend at the art show at Edgebrook. What do you think? I’m undecided on the price yet, but I’ll have a couple copies and one framed copy. Click on the photo to see more photos from the Rockford Airfest.

Sep 27, 2011

Dig, set … spike!

How I successfully rallied to get some shots in low light
I snuck into a high school volleyball match tonight. No, just kidding. I was invited by my friend at work to take pictures during the Rockford Boylan, Rockton Hononegah match and get some action shots of her daughter. I also know Boylan’s coach and I had contacted her last week to make sure it was ok for me to be there. This marked the first time I had shot high school sports in about 10 years, when I worked for the Belvidere Daily Republican. It took me a while to get back on track, but by the end of the varsity match, I felt like I was getting some good shots. Figures, I’d pick one of the hardest sports to shoot. High school gyms are so dark and the lighting is horrible. Thank god for full frame sensors and high ISO settings. Here are a few shots.

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