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Nov 8, 2011

That’s my daughter

Here’s an updated Stella pic, isn’t she cute?
Stella is getting so big. She’s almost 3 years old. Can you believe it?!? She talks like a champ and she knows the words to more songs than I do. And not just kid songs. Ask her to sing  Foster the People … out comes “Pumped Up Kicks.” Want to hears some Bob Marley? Stella can recite “Legend” almost word-for-word. And when it’s warm Stella loves to go on walks. And by walks, I mean me pushing her around in her little pink car for a mile or two. This night I took my camera with and snapped a few shots while she was goofing around. 

Nov 7, 2011

Father-Son Art show this weekend

Saturday from 6-9 at Hailey’s Winery in Byron
Just a friendly reminder that my dad and I will be holding a small art show at Hailey’s Winery in Byron on Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m. We’ll both have a few new prints to view. The winery will have a fine spread of food and drinks available. The winery is located just off Route 2 in Byron, across the street from the grocery story and it’s behind a small cafe. The address is 114 S. Franklin St. and the phone number is 815-234-2220. Here’s a sneak peak at the second poster I made for this show. It’s from the 2011 Rockford Airfest. Click on the pic to see more photos from the airfest.

Nov 6, 2011

Rockin’ and Rollin’

What’s your favorite album of the year?
As I was working on some stuff on my computer tonight I listened to all of my favorite music of 2011 so I can start putting together my annual best of CD. Overall, I feel this year was a bit down even though a lot of my favorite bands put out some new stuff. It’s a tough call to put 15-20 of my favorite songs of the year onto one disc, but I started the process tonight. I picked a few songs from each of my favorite albums and made a playlist in iTunes. Then I listen to the crap out of them and get rid of all but one song from each artist. I’ll post up the final list here in about a month. Stay tuned … no pun intended.

Today’s shot: I hate printers
Most of you know that I work in the tech industry as the service manager at Entre Computer Solutions. We work on everything from computers to servers. One thing I really loathe is printers, of all shapes and sizes. Including this one pictured here, it’s an Epson receipt printer and they are made of a million tiny parts. Boring, I know, but can you tell I was busy tonight getting ready for my art show next weekend? Yep.

Nov 5, 2011

Supplying up

Getting ready for next weekend
The event is creeping up on my and I had to get out and pick up some cool frames and some supplies to use for the art show next weekend. I really hope some of you have the chance to make it out to Byron and see me and my dad. I’ve seen some of his latest prints and they are awesome. Also, the video I posted a few weeks ago was corrupt. It cut off halfway through the video. Sorry about that. I’ve uploaded it to YouTube and you can see it here. Also, let me know if you like it and would like me to post more.

Today’s shot: Rising up from the arches
I’ll have to give credit to my buddy Ed for this shot. He spotted the area soon after we left the church we were just shooting in. I like the contrast of old architecture vs. the new. Also, the clouds curving around the top of the Hancock Building.

Nov 4, 2011

Anyone want to help plan another photowalk?

I’m thinking we might have time for one in this year if the weather holds
Our planned photo walk in Milwaukee was a bust. We had about 6-7 people going, but one-by-one everyone had something come up. No biggie. I’d like to know if there’s any interest in planning one for November or December? Maybe Chicago again? I’m not sure. Leave me a note if you’re interested or if you have an idea. I’d also like to plan one for the spring for St. Louis. A morning visit to the arch would be pretty cool.

Today’s shot: Inside the Gesu
Yesterday I posted a shot of the outside of the Church of the Gesu in Milwaukee. Here’s view of the inside. The entire wedding party was walking through my shot as I was making the exposures. The exposure was over 30 seconds, so you don’t see any of the groomsmen walking through the frame.

Nov 2, 2011

What I use Wednesday: Adobe Lightroom 3

The new industry standard
Listen to any podcast, read any pros blog and they all recommend Adobe’s Lightroom. What is it? Lightroom is my main post processing program. It’s a brilliant photo management program developed by Adobe which uses a databaselike system to help view and edit my digital collection. Plus, it handles my RAW files beautifully.

My workflow begins in Lightroom. I import all my photos into the program. Flag each photo with  a score so I know which ones I need to do final edits on, then I edit all the photos I’ve picked. Lightroom’s “develop” tab allows me to change my exposure, contrast, color and even lens corrections.

I won’t go into much more here, as it’s a very intensive program, but if you’d like to find out more about Lightroom, let me know. I’m working on the possibility of offering a workshop where I’d cover the basics and move into some of the more advanced features of the program.

Today’s shot: Milwaukee sunrise
Here’s a shot of the sun rising behind the Milwaukee Art Museum I made a few weeks ago. I edited this photo in Lightroom and made the digital frame in photoshop. The RAW file holds so much detail and information that I was able to pull the deepest yellows and oranges out of the photo.

Nov 1, 2011

Witness to magic light

How often do you see the sun come up?
In today’s shot, I was on the edge of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee waiting for the sun to come up. I’m not talking about it coming up into the sky. I see that every morning on my way to work. I’m talking about actually watching it come up over the horizon. That point of light when pitch black darkness turns into bright orange glow. How often do you see that? I’ve witnessed it a few times in the past two months. It’s really awesome, especially if you have a camera in front of you.

Today’s shot: Artful angles
Here’s another shot of the sweet Milwaukee Art Museum. This was shot toward the southwest, so the sun was just coming up to the left of the frame. 

Oct 31, 2011


Good times with some good friends, a Bears cheerleader and Thomas
We braved the cold tonight with Stella, her friend Chase and his mom and dad Jenny and Chip – who I’m told is “crazy.” We went from house-to-house for about an hour and Stella grabbed some great candy for dad. Thanks, babe! I’m eating some tasty grape Nerds as I type this. Here’s some photos from tonight’s festivities …

Stella, dreaming of Thomas the Train.

Stella and Chase visiting Mrs. Arthur.

Stand back, Stella … I’ll protect you!

Stella roots for ‘Da Bears’

Chase as Thomas the Train

Oct 30, 2011


Halloween, it’s probably my favorite holiday
Horror movies on almost every channel, free candy, the leaves falling and the season changing, creative costumes and more free candy. What’s not to like about Halloween? I’ve been watching crappy horror movies all week, even taped a few I hadn’t seen in a while. I won’t say what they are so I don’t embarrass myself, but trust me, they are bad. I’ve already ate too much candy and it isn’t even officially Halloween yet. Fat.

I’ve seen some pretty clever costumes online too this year. Keith Stone, the Keystone Beer guy. Steve Jobs in a coffin, too soon? But my favorite has to be this guy who created a fully functional Nikon DSLR camera. Check it out.

Today’s shots: My little cheerleader
Steph and I argued over what Stella was going to be for Halloween this year. I wanted her to be Yoda. I was going to dress up as Luke and carry her on my back. It would have been awesome. But Steph won and Stella is now the world’s cutest Chicago Bears cheerleader. Too bad they don’t play this week. Doh!


Oct 26, 2011

What I use Wednesday: Memory cards

A perfect mix of speed and size
If there’s one thing that all this new technology in the photo world hurts it’s memory cards. Why? Well, the average size RAW file the 5D mk ii makes is about 25mb. That’s about 40 shots per gig. So if I were to use the original cards I was buying a little over a year ago I’d only be able to fit 80 shots on a 2gb card. I’ve since switched and I carry four 8gb cards with me at all times. I can shoot 1,200 pics in a day and I usually take something with me to in case I need to off load them, although I only did that once when I was in Glacier this summer.

The good thing is that these cards have gone down in price. Don’t even want to think about how much an 8gb card would cost a few years ago. I remember buying a 128mb card for $50 when we went on our honeymoon back in 2004. I currently use SanDisk Ultra cards. They right at 30mbs a second, so I can really rattle off some shots before the 5D gets bogged down. If I need to shoot video, they will keep up with the 1080p speeds as well. 

Today’s shot: Who wants a piggy back ride?
Working on more of Angela and Dave’s engagement shots tonight. Here’s one of my favorites from tonight’s editing session. We had so much fun with this shoot, I can’t wait for them to see the rest of the photos. I should have them all done by this weekend and I also have a special surprise that I’ve been working for them.

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