Nov 11, 2012

And the MVP of the trip award goes to …

The versatile, multi-talented Mr. Stroller

Actually there were two MVPs on our trip. One, our stroller. Not sure what we would have done without it. It served as storage, a cup holder, a nap bed and most importantly it saved our arms as it carried Stella through the parks for 6 days. The second was the Fast Past system at the parks. This was my first visit to Disney since the Fast Pass was introduced and boy is it awesome. We used it several times and the best part was we had five passes and my mom wasn’t interested in them and Stella wasn’t tall enough for most of the Fast Pass rides. So me, my dad and Steph were able to use multiple Fast Passes and ride a ride with over an hour wait twice in 5 or 10 minutes.

Tonigh’s shot: The Chinese Hall of Prayer

One of the places I wanted to shooting on our trip was the Chinese Hall of Prayer at Epcot’s World Showcase. I’d seen different perspectives on flickr¬†and had a few ideas, but the place was jam packed when I actually made it over there with my gear. So there I was, lying on my back in the middle of the¬†Chinese Hall of Prayer. I was patiently waiting for the dozens of people to exit the room and head into the next area on the tour. Only to have more shuffle in behind them. But, I was patient and after a few minutes everyone realized what I was trying to do and I was able to get the shot.

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