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Hello, my name is Eric Pearson. Thanks for visiting my Web site. My goal here is to post on my blog daily the interesting shots I come up with. I carry my camera everywhere I go and I’d love to get involved in travel photography.

I’ve only been a part of the digital photography world since the spring of 2010 after a long hiatus from the taking photos. I caught an interest in photography in high school, using beginner cameras and darkroom equipment owned by the school district. As a graduation present, my parents gave me a Nikon N70 35mm camera and my love for photography took off from there.

While in college I took all the photography classes I could and took photos for the school newspaper. I worked for a small newspaper in Belvidere, Illinois as a writer/photographer for a few years after that and picked up a Nikon F5 as my main tool. Digital SLRs were still new at this time, not to mention very expensive.

More than 10 years later, I’m out of the newspaper biz and work with computers. I didn’t buy my first digital SLR (a Canon 7D) until after my daughter was 1 year old in 2010. I’ve since upgraded to the 5D mk ii and couldn’t be happier.

I recently had an image purchased by a company in South Africa to use in their promotional material and the Rockford Airfest is using my images for this year’s posters, tickets and buttons.

If you have any questions or comments for me, please email me using the contact page. You can follow me socially using the links below. Thanks for visiting.

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My blog

Hello, my name is Eric Pearson. Welcome to my daily photo blog. My goal is to post an interesting shot every day and I hope to bring people in daily and gain fans and followers.

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