Nov 14, 2012

A nice added surprise for the adults

Epcot’s Food and Wine fest was a trip highlight

Lucky us, the Inernational Food and Wine Festival was going on while we were in Disney last week. It’s held every year at Epcot’s World Showcase and features food, wine and beer from all over the world. I will probably plan our next Disney trip around this festival. It was seriously awesome. There was tastings from the normal countries in the World Showcase, but also 30 or so other countries were added. Places like Greece, South Korea, Belgium and Australia. Each with a unique beer and wine selection and out of this world food. Steph and I ate there one night and we put a good chunk of change on a gift card (because we didn’t want to use our charge card at each station) and we quickly blew it all drinking and eating around the world. Way better than eating at one restaurant.

Some of my favorite tastes were: The beer garden in German and Belgium. They didn’t have your regular beers either, it was all stuff I’d never had before. Yum! Mexico had some insane steak tacos that made my mouth explode with fire, but luckily Germany wasn’t too far away. China had a great Mongolian Beef that I had more than one of. Steph really liked the French dessert stand and I thought the baklava in Morocco was crazy good.

Tonight’s shot: Cinderella’s Castle

I think I might frame this one and put it in Stella’s room. She really liked the castle. We had to take a boat from our resort to the Magic Kingdom and she would point it out from across the lake. “I see the castle, there it is!” And, I think Steph liked it too. She’d never been to the Magic Kingdom before and I don’t care who you are, it’s pretty awesome the first time you see it.

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